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Last Update: 03/24/2011

Year Graduated: 1975
Name: Kandis (Horne) Lefler
Contact Info:


Bio Information: I married my husband in 1977, we have two boys and we raised my nephew, I have one grandson. I would love to hear from old friends from the past, through my email.


Year Graduated: 1970

Debbie (Mixon) Dolan

Contact Info: cddolan34@cox.net 

1017 Armistead Road Ft. Smith, AR 72916

Bio Information: After 25 years in banking, I became a licensed real estate agent in 2005. I am married to Carl and we have one son, Luke. Luke and his wife, Monica, have two beautiful children Kaylee and Lucas.


Year Graduated: 1971

Patricia (Coleman) Smith

Contact Info: 702 Smith Street
Pocola, OK 74902

Bio Information: Graduated 1976 OBU; Patricia is Business Manager at Pocola Schools since 1992
Ulis owns The Travelers Contracting & Painting, Inc.
Married to Ulis Jones
4 children: Mark, Denisa, Shannon, Crys
1 grandson: Jody


Year Graduated: 1971

Carolyn (Fuller) Jones


Contact Info: carolyn@pocola.k12.ok.us
Bio Information: Married for 32 years

2 children a boy and a girl both also graduated PHS

HS Secretary at PHS for sixteen years.


Year Graduated: 1971
Name: Barbara (Cowan) Harris
Contact Info: bcharris5@cox.net 
Bio Information:


Year Graduated: 1971
Name: Elnora D. (Beachem) Crutchfield
Contact Info: 3221 Mallery Street Flint, MI. 48504

(810) 233-7252


Bio Information: Graduated from college with bachelor's in 1975 and with a master's degree in 1982.

Currently a middle school principal in Flint Michigan. Retirement date set for July 31, 2006 after 31 years of service. Plan to be a master gardener in retirement. 


Year Graduated: 1979
Name: Roger Lairamore
Contact Info: 905 Gregory

Pocola, OK 74902

Bio Information: Married.                                             4 Kids: Rod, Ryan, Rakaylyn, Rakell. Works at Baldor Electric.

Has Lived in Pocola for 16 years, and presently serves on the Board of Education.


Year Graduated: 1979
Name: Cathy (Severe) Steiner
Contact Info: jejasmom@gmail.com
Bio Information: I have been married to my husband, Troy, for 22 years. I have 4 children; Jenny, 20, is attending NWACC in Rogers. Erin, 18, is attending BYU in Utah. Jeremy, 15, is enrolled at Haas Hall Academy in Farmington. Alex, 11, is attending Reagan Elem. in Rogers. I work at Reagan as well as a Duty Relief Aide. I have been busy being "MOM" these many years while working part time in photography. I have had many different chores to keep busy including jobs at church and enjoying being close to family and friends. I am very blessed indeed!


Year Graduated: 1978
Name: Gaylon E. Freeman
Contact Info: 602 Kennedy Street Pocola, OK 74902-2907


Bio Information: Teaching: OK, TX, AR

Mission work in Mexico, Jamaica, and the Virgin Islands of St. Croix. Presently working in the Fort Smith school system.


Year Graduated: 1973
Name: Eddie Poston
Contact Info: 300 South Pocola Blvd.                Pocola, OK 74902-2907


Bio Information: Married with 3 children; 1 child already a Pocola graduate, one a senior and the other in high school.

Work for a local company. 


Year Graduated: 1974

Janice (Williams) Riggs

Contact Info: Address:    28392 Hickory Lane
                  Poteau, Oklahoma  74953

Phone:        918-649-3938


Bio Information: I have been a business teacher or school counselor since 1977.  During
that time, I have been employed in Alma Public Schools, Gans Public Schools, Trinity Junior High School, and Pocola Public Schools.

    I have been married to Terry Riggs since 1974.  We lived in Roland,
Oklahoma, for 25 years, but moved to Poteau in 2000.  We have 2 daughters
who are both college graduates.  Our oldest is Betty-Jayne Weaver of Broken Arrow.  She is a Registered Nurse at Saint John's Hospital in Tulsa,
Oklahoma.  Our youngest is Cassandra Sue Riggs of Poteau.  She is currently employed by Central National Bank.


Year Graduated: 1976
Name: Michael Brown
Contact Info: Thomasmbr@aol.com 
Bio Information: I graduated in 1976.  I went to medical school at Oklahoma State University and now am a Cardiologist with the Thoracic and Cardiovascular Institute of Mid Michigan.  I am married to Patricia and have five children:  Hannah, Caleb, Mary Rose, Grace, and Luke.