Regular Meeting of the

Pocola Board of Education

Monday January 11, 2010

6:30 P.M.


As required by Section 311, Title 25 of the Oklahoma Statutes, notice is hereby given that Independent School District No. I-007 will hold a Regular Board Meeting on Monday, January 11, 2010 at 6:30 P.M.  The place and street address of this meeting will be the Board of Education Room at the Central Offices, 603 East Pryor Avenue, Pocola, Oklahoma, 74902.




I.          Regular Business (Call meeting to order and record members present)

A.      Approve Minutes for:

1)      Regular Board Meeting – November 9, 2009

2)      Regular Board Meeting – December 14, 2009

B.   Approve Financial Reports – Pat Smith

C.      Approve Encumbrances, Warrants, Payroll Warrants, and Change Orders

                   (See Addendum)


II.        Patron Participation


III.       Items for Information

A.    Enrollment for January 4, 2010:                                       2010    2009  

Elementary        429      452

Middle School              174      166

High School      245      248

            Total      848      868

B.      Professional Development – January 18, 2010 – No School

C.      Next Regular Board Meeting – Monday, February 8, 2010

D.      School Board Election – Tuesday, February 9, 2010

E.       ADA compliance update – Randy Ragland.

F.       Federal Programs update – Kay Anderson

G.      Engineering recommendation on High School Gym Roof – Randy Ragland

H.      McClain Surveying – Randy Ragland


IV.       Items for Action

            A. Discuss, consider and vote:           Approve audit engagement letter and

                                                                        contract with William C. Pickle, Jr.

                                                                        for services to audit the year ending

                                                                        June 30, 2010 and prepare estimate of

                                                                        need for year ending June 30, 2011,

                                                                        pending SDE’s list of approved audit




            B. Discuss, consider and vote:            Approve Request to Borrow Equipment

                                                                        Form as prepared by Janice Riggs

            C. Discuss, consider and vote:            Review and award bid(s) on the roof

                                                                        repairs due to hail and wind damage.

            D. Discuss, consider and vote:           Revision of Board Policy DDA on teacher

                                                                        notifications dates (Ref: SB394)


V.        Executive Session

Proposed Executive Session to discuss 1) superintendent’s position, so the board can return to Open Session and vote 1) on the direction regarding the superintendent’s position, as authorized by OK. STAT. Title 25, Section 307(B)


A.   Motion to convene into Executive Session

B.      Motion to return to Open Session

C.     Statement of Minutes of Executive Meeting

D.  Discuss, consider and vote:          Possible action the board may take regarding

                                                            the superintendent’s position


VI.       New Business

Discussion, consideration and possible approval of other new business, if any, which has arisen since posting of the agenda and could not have been anticipated before the time of posting.


VII.     Adjournment