Curriculum Committees

Pocola Public School is dedicated to improving education for our student body. The following committees have been established to review and improve the subject areas for our school wide curriculum.

All certified teachers at Pocola serve on these committees. It is our hope through cooperation that we can greatly increase our test scores on the mandated Oklahoma tests, especially in the critical areas of math and reading. We believe we are making great gains in our curriculum for our student body. 


This is a tentative list of members for 2014-2015.



Language Arts, Reading, Spelling, Writing   Math    Science
Sandy Cox, Chair    Britt Reaves, Chair
  Bobbi Jones  
Sheila Ivy Lora Loyd    
  Britt Reaves  
Teresa Eaton Johna Redding Johna Redding
Jennifer Beutelschies   Tangie Luu
  Rikki Taylor Arline Quinn
Britt Reaves




Social Studies 


Special Education:
Pat Tate, Chair    Pam Myers
Lori Johnson   Sheila Ivy