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Our Missing INDIAN 

Last Update: 09/06/2006


Joshua Jay Graham

4-11-91/ 1-7-06

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"The Streets of Heaven are too crowded today."


Student Email Dedications

Im gonna miss you...3rd hour isnt gonna be the same without you...
                                                love you,
Josh was a great kid i enjoyed having him here, he always had me laughing no matter what kind of mood i was in, then the one thing that i will never forget is his beautiful smile. I will always remember him with that big smile... I'm sorry for your loss....
truly yours,
alicia martinez


Josh was a great guy. . It won't be the same around school without him . . he always made me laugh no matter what, I didn't really talk to him much. . but even when I did he was so great to talk to . . . I know that everyone will miss him dearly. . . Im very very sorry about yall's lost!! Just keep yalls head up, hes in a better place now! I know its hard for everyone, but just remember all of the good times that yall had together, I know that I sure will!! R.I.P Josh! WE LOVE YOU!!! 
~ Amberly Phillips ~
      Well I will always miss your "Mr. Fischer" in your high pitch voice in math. I will miss anything and everything about you. Even though you were a player and you knew it everyone still loved you it would have been easier to make a list of the girls you didn't go out with then the ones you did. Well I will love you forever and always!!
                                              Your S.I.L
I had known Josh since kindergarten and first grade, we weren't close friends but he was always a funny guy and he could make you laugh whenever you were down. Its been a year and i still don't know why it had to be him,but at least he's in a better place now.

Love Lindsay S


In Loving Memory...

One night while dreaming

A breath there did reel

A soul then was lost

A large burden to feel.

Never forgotten

He'll still be with us

He'll never leave

There's way too much love.

Graham Cracker didn't judge

A true friend he was

When you needed him there

He was calm, cool, and collected.

A typical guy

But this one was special

A treat to the eye

No average jock

This boy knew his stuff

A's and B's straight

Grades one could love

A dedicated athlete

A scholar, a child

He had unique ways

TO make anyone smile

An outgoing boy

Who made us all laugh

He'll stay in our hearts

Forever and past


By: Shanna McCullar, Tara Corley, and Charlena Austin



Josh was a member of the Indian baseball team.


JOSH was an Honor Student