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SchoolSoup provides students with the largest and most comprehensive scholarship database in the world - with over $32 Billion in scholarships - many times more than any other scholarship search website. Students have a better chance to find scholarships on than anywhere else.  This website has "study guides" for some of the best know college tests that students will be required to take before entering college. Most information is free!

college_tips.htm is a website dedicated to HS seniors to give them some tips for getting ready to start their college life! Multiple Test Preparation and Study Tips


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Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs --GEAR UP-- is a federal program designed to better prepare middle and high school students for college through mentoring programs and scholarships as well as new academic preparation and awareness programs for students and parents.

Ms. Heather Jones from Northeastern Oklahoma State College is our regional contact.

Our committee is working with Gear Up on ways to improve our vertical alignment, 8th grade "CollegeEd" awareness, and critical thinking skills through thinking maps. Our committee is excited about the opportunity this will provide for our students.

For more information regarding "Gear Up" please visit


Links to Information Websites

The US Department of Education's online version of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This is VITAL college financial aid material.

A Department of Education site detailing forms of financial aid available to students. A must see site for parents of college bound students.

A site containing a variety of information about scholarships available to prospective college students.


Act information site as well as an online application site.

Website containing information about scholarships, student loan possibilities, some inside help on filing your FAFSA paperwork, and some warnings regarding scholarship scams. Be sure to examine the "Top Ten" list at the site for some valuable information.

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