Homeless Liaison

Janie Vincent, Counselor

Contact: (918) 436-2042

Wellness Policy
National Center for Homeless Education

Homeless Youth Information

Homeless Information

Application and Definitions

Pocola Public Schools

Homeless Liaison Duties

The following list of duties required of the Homeless Liaison at Pocola Schools is in no way restrictive nor exhaustive.This role is every evolving as needs arise for the education and well being of our homeless student populations

  • Review local policies and procedures that impact homeless children and youth in our district

  • Request revision to policies as needed

  • Ensure that homeless students are identified by school personnel

  • Ensure that homeless students enroll in, and receive equal opportunity to succeed at Pocola Schools

  • Ensure that homeless families, children receive educational services for which they are eligible

  • Ensure that parents/guardians are informed of educational and related opportunities that are available to their children

  • Assist with enrollment dispute cases and ensure they are mediated according to resolution process

  • Ensure that transportation is provided to the homeless student

  • Post educational rights of homeless children and youth in all schools

  • Post educational rights of homeless children and youth in the community where homeless may receive services

  • Inform school personnel of the duties of the Homeless Liaison

  • Assist Homeless students with important educational decision making

  • Ensure the unaccompanied youth are immediately enrolled in school pending resolution of disputes that might arise over school enrollment and placement

  • Assist children and youth who do not have immunizations or medical records to obtain the necessary immunizations or medical records

  • Provide professional development for school district staff to build awareness of the educational needs of homeless students

  • Provide outreach as needed

  • Provide training for parents

  • Distribute materials, tutoring supplies and clothing to schools as needed

  • Conduct a needs assessment

  • Conduct an evaluation of the local homeless program